Slithered ~

It cracked.

Peeling off like an onion

Slowly unfolding itself

It loosened and fell;

Slithering away from my bones

I felt it off.

Its off. This skin I wear

Barely knew it was there

Till something pricked it

Left a gap and it twisted

Slowly loosening itself

Like an unnecessary fold

It was a load.

Slithering off like a snake

Its shedding away

Leaving a trail

Of dried up mistakes;

Of excess things that just burden

Now I am free

Free to express

To let go and make them see

To shed this second skin

That bound me.

Are you ready?

To see this true face

The skin on my bones

I wear it so

No longer hiding behind a known woe.

Where we played beauty and beast

And I thought the mirror couldn’t see

The face I wore so greatly

Is now slithering off me.

Looking now all I see

This face

That hid behind layers

Peeling off, as I fall.

Slithering away to Eden

My endless walk.



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