Kobayashi Maru !

Sink or swim

Danger on the brink

There are forces attacking

Mayday mayday! Boats are going to sink.

Save us from this thing;

Unknown forces come

Distress on the run

Here we have sunk.

We either steer or drown

Nothing can be found

But lover look at us now

Let’s turn this frown

Simulation reprogrammed,

Lets do this now.

Here is  you

Here is me

Lets work around it

And get free.

Kobayashi maru why seek you?

We are not afraid

Even if there isn’t a way

We will re -do it so

And even then

We will try

Rethink, regroup, react,

Do it now.

For I won’t let us fall

Its a wooden ship

That’s all.



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