Dancing with fireflies~

Flightless, free

without wings she flew;

They looked up and saw her there

carried away by beams of light

that flickered and buzzed

like lightning bugs in the night.

All this while she waited

patiently she roamed and collected

in her jar of dreams;

Hope glowed.

Now they carried her off

In a stream of light

where she danced with the fireflies

and the night was hers

to see and embrace

each ounce of freedom

each semblance of peace

she moved with them

and they with her

They all looked up

while she was nowhere near,

just a beam of light

a fairy dancing in the night

living her life

her first flight.

The moment had come

for her to open,

her jar wide

and her dreams free

and as she closed her eyes

and wished

her body lifted

higher and higher

closer and closer

till when she got to the top

she felt free;



No burdens no chains

Just dancing with fireflies

in the night

And all that remained

was a girl, her jar, and a wish

that flew away…



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