No strings…

I hear it, do you?

We sat in that open room.

How the sound echoed

Our laughs mellowed

We listened and sat

Thinking of things

and all of that.

How I caught you looking

Amazed and happy

They played your song

And you were next to me.

Your face lighted

and I felt delighted

to know how happy you are

they played your song

So I decided all along

that I shall be that muse

to help play the chord

that pleased you

and draw the words out,

Where you’ll look at me and say

I like this song- this way.

The room now silent.

The music stopped.

I caught your face sad

Knowing, that was that.

I will never be able to play

Or make your heart sway

I barely know the chords

and you will never be pleased

I am but a being

far from a muse

A thing used

not to be confused

For your heart was determined

and I was nothing;

Another spectator

in that room

Looking at the players

as they played for you

Now in my dreaming state

I am woken

never again to assume

that I could ever play

and make you sway

for never will you

look my way.

Chords in thought

lyrics in mind

I’ll play this on

for a while,

as you sway to another

and I for you…



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