Wild and free there you be

A flower that isn’t for mortal touch

I cannot fathom the joy I felt

Just to stand in your threshold;

Oh! What a sight you be.

Sadly you ain’t for me.

Royal and extravagant in your colours

I am but a petty observer

My robes are meek

My value beneath

Yet, you called forth to me.

Lovely in the evening sky

Your scent gathers me in

You lure me closer to where you are

And I am bewitched.

Non but you can save me

I must have you

I fear the thought will kill me;

For what I am about to do

is evil.

Forgive me as  I draw closer

Hold you tighter;

Squeeze you from your stem

Rip you from your throne

I must have you,

you alone.

Cut you with a snip.

Forgive me Iris,

this mortal lust I possess

for I forget you are Nature’s child

and rob her of you.

You in all your purple glory

Lured me so. I had to have you


Forgive me Iris, of this mortal foe

It was either me or someone so,

Man, his greed forever grows…



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