Scene XIV: Sunday Pew~

The bell rung,

Clunking around the old tower

I stood there for an hour;

Kept staring at this object

that caught my sight

yet, all I heard was the sound.

I saw nothing.

An old man pulling the rope

he barely spoke.

Quietly he tolled

as I watch the folk.

No one came.

Its been awhile now

I somehow started to frown

at this sad reality

of nothing in front of me.

Not far my gaze stretched

to a brightly lit glass

and bricks so white

many people were there inside

entering in their Sunday best

while I stood next to this place

all a mess.

The door wide open

barely closed,

the pews stood strong

while the wallpaper torn;

I took a seat

and something in me cried

I felt a presence

or was it fright.

The empty pews were all I had

there was no company

but for the bats;

fear wasn’t that crept in

something else did.

So I got on my knees

and I prayed

Asking forgiveness for man’s decay.

My sins multiplied

day by day

Yet here in this place

You directed my way.

I don’t need fancy stones

and decorated pews

when in the end all I wanted was You.

Father, Maker, Friend,

you always stood with me till the end.

My knees are weak

My heart frail

My body tattered

My mind torn;

Yet, my soul is strong

like the bell that tolls

it will resound

For You are here with me




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