In the tiny breaths she took

she felt whole.

In the way the breeze blew

she always knew,

that hers was a story still written.

“My little lioness”, her father would say

“You will rule hearts one day.

Kingdoms shall bow,

and you won’t be what you are now”.

And she felt tall

Her father’s daughter after all.

The air was hers

and the world to discover.

Stretching out and forever


like notes of music

softly playing,

dancing in the air

yet, a melody so sweet

Aria felt free.

How father was right

that she would own the night;

her days will be endless

and full of mirth

a lioness from birth.

Her roar is  the sweetest melody

travelling in the air,

Here, there, everywhere.

Be free Aria, its your time

Never fret, my child.

Angels follow you

every mile.


Oh! Dear melody,

stay awhile.



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