Gypsy Soul~

I walk with gypsies

they are part of me;

Every movement

every wander

I had a family

that gathered and roamed

watch the skies

and rivers flow.

They were free.

I was free.

They made me dream

They helped me see.

Looking wasn’t it

They told me to see

far into the horizons

stretch my dreams.

They bled red

They bruised blue

But they felt new

Not just mortal wanderers

more like soul searchers.

How care-free

How at peace.

In them was a storm

but it was so calm

dream-catcher wishes

tied on a string

their souls began to sing

as nature had her spring.

Food and shelter are basic

but discovery made it more

to roam the earth

and forever grow

In them,

I found my gypsy soul.




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