The shore was so vast

I felt this rush of the past

wondered to myself

how odd, it all seems too wide

that my mind drifts away

failing to see

failing to react

only a play of words

sounding in me.

I remembered a Murakami quote,

“Memories warm you up from the inside. But they also tear you apart.”

Oh! What truth.

Now as I stand here

glancing out into the sea

memories haunt me.

I think the cat was right

Toro was smart

he knew . Why not I?

To express it out

would be like a can of tuna

all tangled, all mashed

all stinky, all vile.

Now I felt them vile

the cat was right.

Dying fast, fading slow

now I know


standing here at the shore.

As I grow weary of my existence

even the cat begins to speak

and whats worst he seems to know,

while I sink into the sea of memories

looking at the shore…



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