Big things happen

when man evolves;

Yet, simple things

change to complications.

Is this the end?

Or the beginning?

Science explains,

Art illustrates

What about nature?

Where is the nurture?

Like particles

we atomized things

have turned to carbon corpses

bombs and radiation

Oh! My necropolis.

What is man now?



An inferior-superior creature

Evolved from everything

yet, is nothing.

The physics of it all

is science evolved

man resolved

he just failed to see

that with power

comes great responsibility.

Metaphysics tackles the fundamental origin

ethics sinks into oblivion.

The “meta-people” have risen

and we Evolution’s lab rats

test  tube babies

with a lot to see

everything to gain

sunken in radioactive waste.

What is Man?

If Wisdom is but a profit game.



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