A song for Olivia.

Dante Alighieri once wrote, “There is no greater
sorrow than to recall a happy time when miserable”
“Softly you passed,
Like a cool summer breeze,
So angelic, so free
You were the best of me;
Like shadows the angels hovered
They never left your side
Maiden with no name,
I called you Olivia.
There was this thing about you
You wrestled with your thoughts
As I wrestled with my own
And in the ring of fire
You survived as I burn.
They told me Hell was a test
To reach to you
When I succeed my test
In your breast I shall nestle my sorrows.
Leave me now again,
Like a stranger
For my tomorrows are clouded in you
I forever say your name.
So now as I am in Limbo
My purgatory is you
Hell’s fire is nothing
If it means I get to you. Stay!
Or leave me again like you do
For Olivia this requiem is for you.”


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