Monsters in a Classroom.

Everyday, same old same;

Monotony has a new name

It walked with books and a cane

Oh! Teacher why today?

Why bore us?

Eat us up with the mundane

Can’t you go away.

The students exclaimed.

Yelling, fretting, shouting and screeching

That’s their way

Only how they knew

To chase the tyrant away.

Make a face,

Roll your eyes

Look away

As the teacher talks

Until they walk .

Ha-ha! In your face

The students won their way.

Sad to say,

little do they know

Education is a bigger monster

non but a teacher can slay

to help them see

and not lose their way

arrogant nymphs

barely know its sway.

Poor things how little they know

Life is out that classroom door

that waits to swallow them up

in one gulp.

As they shout,” teacher save us”


Little do they know,

The monster with a book

Is more of a friend

While the real fiend

Is them.

Foolish kids

That life is more of

texts and friends

what about the teacher

whom you should befriend?

When life awaits,

what then…



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