She wore Black.

Girls have a role they say

Walk and talk

Just don’t go that way

Where things are beyond your reach

Don’t you dare preach.

Sit straight,

Be a lady.

Be soft petals

Be gentle

Have grace.

Silly girl,

What else do you need?

All other views

Are just too crude

Don’t you dare be a prude.

Funny girl,

Laugh at his jokes

Crack the ones

That please the blokes.

Don’t you poke

Into things that you don’t know

Remember the ways of

The female folk.

Here’s a toast to those

Rare maidens

That fought for their rights

And had a voice for their plight

Stood high

Walked tall

Why should they fall

At the feet of society

And beg;

Here’s to the Meg’s

To the Daisy’s

That found a place

Among the crowd

Now where are you little women?

Come. Take a stand

Be equal with a man.

Wear that shade of black

Don’t let those pearls choke

The voice from your stained lips

Echo out

And wear your right

Like that dress you proudly wear

In a room of collared workers

You too have a voice

Wear that shade of black

Just to escape their pink-mould

Be that story never told

For you are a woman

Let your dreams unfold.



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