Hummingbird wings~

I envy the flight of a hummingbird

how easy for you to move forward

with easy backward strokes

time seems to go back

and I envy that.

Look at it fly?

Never will you see it.

Above and beyond

over the lawn

among the flowers it hides

while time and tide takes stride.

Beautiful bird

you make me blue

in your flashing dip

my hope dies too.

To go back,

to a blur of a life

would be simple.

If time was like your wings

as you go forward

I begin;

My flight to the past

is but a joke.

I laugh now you see

for it will never be.

Mortal life for mortal sin

time begins and never stops

in a flash the past is gone

and now I have a song

that sings of memories

not of now;

Darling hummingbird,

I envy you

how in your flight

my past takes sight

for if life was like your wings

time would  never win.

Alas! I am a fool.

I even envy you

free in your hues

but here I am in shades of blue.




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