Scene XVII: I felt the rain~

It was beautiful.

The way the rain fell

the way the earth smelled

the way the lights glistened

creating prisms;

the way you tossed your hair back

the way the rain contoured your face

the way your skin glowed

tiny droplets sparkled.

I felt the rain.

I felt it deep inside

the way it trickled down my spine

the way it made me shiver

how I quivered

how I trembled.

It was eternal.

I know now

what I knew then

the rain was a magic spell

it rained and thundered

drawing me in

and I was its victim;

Magic in the way it fell

the skies gloomy and black

no wonder I drowned in it.

It made my steps slip

my glance hazy

my mind clouded

my heart …

Oh! My heart,

it submerged in it.

I felt the rain

the very day

we met,

the day that fled

like a flood of emotions

now, we roll in the motions.

Each time it rains

I remember your name.




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