A Fall in September ~

There was a crispness in the air,

the leaves seemed weightless,

they turned to blushing red embers,

with sunset coloured hairs,

I remember it all

as I felt the air;



my cheeks turned cold

my mind began to unfold.

All I remember

it was last September

that I opened a door

that took a toll

only to know,

there was an inevitable fall

with the coming of  Fall

that’s all I know

and nothing at all.

Sweet September,

my prelude to October,

in you I remember

that life in it’s disaster

is wide and vaster,

where hearts meet a dying fall

and leaves turn

with the coming of Fall.

Where are we now?

Whats become of all?

Sun kissed summer

that was it

a haze a fit?

Non of it

seem to fit

at all.

Tell me now,

was it summer?

or did I just wait for Fall

to fall!



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