Paper boats.

Splashes of water,

gushing drains,

streets flutter,

mankind runs away;

Hide for cover

never to discover

nature’s wonder

all in the patter

of dripping gutters

and tapping shutters

rooftops clunking away.

Out in the grey,

people fleeing away

girl in yellow

how so mellow?

chipper and happy

seeing this discovery

of making paper boats in the rain.

“Row, row, row your boat

gently down the stream”

while little girl plays her dream;

out in the pouring rain

while, we adults are running away;

trying to not let the rain

spoil our day.

Tragic how we lost that sight

few still believe,

in the wonder of little things

of paper boats down the stream.

In a crowd,

one stood out

as she folded her boat

down the street

she let her dreams

wander free

while, Man fails to see

too caught up

in his flee,

never to see.

That there is more to life

if learn to be free

embrace our dream

even if its drains

not a perfect stream.



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