Magic Casters ~

Life began,
The day mama said,” love, get out of bed.”
A magical place awaits
Where you learn to fly
Touch the sky
Fairies are real
Traveling a thrill
Monsters and fawns
Scholars and kings
Under your reach
And all you have to do
Is wake from sleep.

Didn’t travel far
Anticipation trapped in an hour
Pulled up to a gate
Many kids played
Out in the lawn
Looked nothing like a dream
Just normal people
So it seemed.
Then mama took my hand
Led me to a room
With gardens and fruits
On the wall
And words That looked like signs
And a woman with a simple face said,
“Little girl are you ready for nursery rhymes?”
Life never remained the same
The day mama left my hand
And I came to know of ma’am
And sirs
That filled me up with everything.
Mama was right
This place was magical
I was caught in a spell
The potion called learning
And these people
Magic casters called TEACHERS!
Who made me fly.



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