Sakura: Dragon Spirit~

Rising from the ashes

Bathe in the blessed Indus,

Forged under the Elements

Majestically he stood

Hovering over the child

Amazed at her stillness

She did not move,

did not blink,

all that could protect her

was a wooden sword in hand.

She was firm

like a rock on sand

He didn’t stand a chance.

The spirit in her was stronger



She was Nature’s child

made from the earth,

cleansed in water,

carried by wind

tested by fire

Non could break her

Not even a dragon.

She raised her sword

of broken stick

in one flick

she tamed him

little girl of the Indus

her innocence was her strength

even dragons couldn’t make sense;

They fall to her feet

in simple defeat

waiting for such pure a soul

to lead their fleet.

Even the mighty Ryu

falls at Sakura’s feet,

As cherry blossoms

trickle from her sheath. ~


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