Softest lips,

Sweetest tone,

Words that flowed;

Non could foretell

The madness you cast spell

Spilling out of those lips

Colored in red

The way you play with the head.

Oozing out of your tongue

Could leave others hung

Up into delusions

And draw conclusions.

Sweetest lips,

You leave whispers so loud

In a game you started

The pawns were easy

Just like the speeches you made

That made all your bait.

Whispering so loudly,

How it does proudly,

Speak no evil,

Until you are caught;

Heaven forbid,

Rumors are not a sport.

Poisonous sweet kiss

Lips of ivy and of bliss

Drawn them all in a daze

Before the destruction you lay

Like Chinese whisper,

set for play.



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