On Mute.

Some days words fall short,

The thing we speak is but small retort;

We find no comfort,

We see no redemption

All that is left is a sad disposition.

Drown out the noise

Press mute.

There is no need to continue

That’s being resolute.

Failure is a lesson

Screaming a nuisance

How much can the walls echo?

Swallow your words and go

Time heals slow.

There is a way

Just takes time

You break and break

Till nothing breaks.

Put on the brakes!

So speak no more.

Seek no more.

Wasteful expectations.

Muted conscience.

Wake and walk

Grace is a plank;

Unsteady steps

Silent howls

Try your best

Not to slip and drown.

Seal those lips

before they see that frown.



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