It started on a whim
Like most things do.
I typed a word
And auto correct spelled shoe.
Reasons why pen and paper work
But what is a challenge
If you can’t make them work.

Began my endeavors
With years of journals on my lap
Now I try to type this and that.
Never expecting an audience
Then that one little star
That said,”liked”
Flipped me inside.
My laptop, my sidekick,
Day and night
Conquering the world
Each comma, semi colon ,
Dots and swirls.

Blogging, slogging,
Erasing, typing,
Copying, pasting
Little things
Became big things
And rhyming
Became “my” thing.

Thanks to the woman
Who gave me my pen
Said, “all right fill it up then.
Diaries are a girl’s best friend
Little one store your dreams
In them. ”

Dreaming as I type
When words take flight~



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