That’s how ‘Cookie’ crumbles.

She tumbles.

She fumbles.

She mumbles.

She fizzles.

She dazzles.

Occasionally, she topples

Down, down ,down,

A long way down.

Stairs of blue

and black

And hazy smokes

of drags;

Breathing in,

letting out,

Nothing stays

and so she crumbles.

“Cookie is sweet,

Cookie is nice

Such a treat”

So they say;

Look at her crumble now

“Poor thing,

better look away.”

Bitter after taste.

Stale dough

and cheap chocolate

even the center has crumbled,

“Throw it away”

So they say.

Poor Cookie

You have over stayed

Over kept treats

are not lasting treats

People eventually lose their taste

“Cookie, dearest”

Run away.

Over baked,

Over made,

Bitter after taste;

Stale things

Passed due date

Time to throw it




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