Brake and Break: A cycle called Love.

Travelers seek places

Some seek solace

Wandering far

Looking for faces

Then on a Sunday afternoon

Sunlight blazing

Left shadows on concrete

There was you and me

Shadows of nothing

Start of something;

There it was

A paddling rush

Like something stopped

A brake called love;

You were that day

What I know now

A mirage of love

That faded somehow.

The sun blinded our eyes

As we stood by the side

Talking of things

Such random things;

But what was then?

And what is now?

Is a cycle of seasons

That has died somehow.

As spring sprung the flowers

That you stuck on my hair

So came winter

That brought in the snow

That withered the flower

That could not grow;

And what was then

And what we know now

Is that you paddled fast

And the brakes broke loud

As it skidded off the street…

And there I,

waiting concretely!



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