October, the month came like it always did around here-showered in through thunderstorms and damped air. It was not something new anymore. All the days passed like time had no care and man in his rush forgot to look behind. Maybe that was it. The days have come to this of nothingness and emptiness tinged by lazy days of blazing autumn skies. Its strange, they told me a different tale; How Fall was this weather of change, where the leaves turn colour and the air becomes crisp and man in his rush learns to slow down and ponder. The clock strikes a different hour now. What is left is just melancholic faces with happy dispositions. Masquerading our sorrow with the spirit of hope and we dance around the idea that all is up to a higher power.

It’s only October. And here we are. Fools of the hour. Bound ourselves to unrealistic goals and yet, we tell ourselves go slow. Keep time. Keep pace. We will win the race. Its October. September went, now, wake up! In the hour where man has sunk into the pits of self loathing stands a few that dream of future(s). We barely can live in the present. What are we then? Cosmic forces, atoms, fallen stars, carbonized and charged or just skin and bones? Superman with just the power of mortals.

October sings the days away, turning man in to its slave. Trapped in the thoughts of winter bliss Fall wraps man around its fist clenching tight and squeezing his life, submit. There’s something to all this. Like autumn leaves that blow away, withering, see us wither. We fear the sun when all it does it shine. Burn. Bright. Man shields his sight. How will we see the day and the leaves change, while man is busy running away. To clammy jobs and frustrations, Big Brother smiling. Automatons no destination. Why not be a self machine running?

October awaits, Awake! See whats at stake. Don’t burn at the stake. Dying man of a dying hour, live! Winter is coming still while you sleep through it popping pills.

October,October, change color, help man see the technicolor.



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