I stared at the smoke
As it lingered on,
The candles stood there
As it swirled around them.
I looked on
As the faces around me hovered
And I saw the light transfixed
On tiny little wax figures
And they glowed.
In a mushy soft ground
Of chocolate and icing
Dancing lights
Waiting for the song to end.
In a blow
The light dimmed
The figures seemed so thin.
So as I stood looking at the smoke
And in a moment
Felt like life spoke
Told me “Little girl you have grown”
What little is known
Of this life that seems too vast
Twenty five  years faded fast
From my mother’s womb
To the day I stood in a room
Alone and grown
What little I know! 

So I blew the candles
As the light faded
In the lingered smoke
I thought of lingered days
And in a simple wish
I let go of things,
Farewell to yesterday
Hello happy days.



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