Two strangers on a train
The lady said, “look away”
Such women have no place
Filthy scavengers
Making way.
Couldn’t help but look
She was worth every stare
Face as white as snow
Lips like cherry blossom
She never spoke.
Kept her eyes low.
Hair black as night
One would think
She was a creature of the night.
For such faces
Looked like fairy tale maidens
And us the ugly dragons.
I looked, and kept my gaze
At the man next to her
An ogre and the princess
But as I looked on
I saw her calm
Held on to a book
And her face bright.
I wondered what was filthy about her?
To me she was elegance ,
Far from the ones on the train
Maybe I was one of the many ogres
That got caught in her sway
And forever doomed
To travel this way
Parallel lives




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