MoNsTeRs ~

The ghouls have come out to play

This is their celebration day.

They’ll roam the streets

And pierce their teeth

Down the necks

Of innocent blood

Paint it red

And see the flood

Drown those holy creatures

And laugh as they sink

Each prick, each tear,

Slowly losing circulation;

Veins turn blue

Night a whole new hue.

The moon shall look on

As the monsters howl

Their gory song.

Then who are we?

Halo-wearing fools

At least they know their role

What about us that roam?

Wearing masks of self righteousness

Nothing more but sinful pretenders

What about your monster?

Looking on, rambling inside

Ready to tear out and howl.


The night is yours

For day walker you lie

The sun blazes on high

Hell’s fire is hotter

Touch thee not with fret

For you shall lie in your bed

Of lies and debauchery

While Sunday mass you pray for sanctity.

The monsters know who they are

Bare their teeth and gore

You righteous one, what do you bare?

The burdens you bear

To be so fair

Hides the ugly beast

Who wants to feast

At the innocence of youth

And horror that age brings.

Wake up now,Howl

Monster, sinner, man,

Who are you?

Howl out the truth.



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