Ever stared at a leaf,

a pool of water,

a bird on a tree,

a colony of ants crossing;

Ever just paused a moment

actually looked and soaked it in

Embrace all that it brought

good or bad

and just let it all consume you.

Ever felt the touch of a hand

its fingers interlocking yours

the way its skin touches yours

How electric it felt

each nerve standing on ends

the body consumes it.

Ever just paused.

Never moving forward

Never looking back

Just there and then

In the now.

Life is a series of nows

That mould to forevers

and it just takes a second for us

to just pause.

The mind plays scenes

like a projector

some days its on loop

sometimes fast forward

a series of rewinds

to make it through the day

sometimes we press pause

to play,

to stay,

to live,

to survive.

Every scene slowly moving

minutes and seconds merge

hours pass to days

while we wither away

in the counting.

Press Pause.


how it felt to kiss,

how it felt to smile,

how it felt to cry,

how it felt to lie

side by side-


in a bed or a field of sunflowers

pause it.

Each scene will define your climax

Each feeling the end credits.

Press play when you are ready

Press pause to keep steady.

Whatever will be, will be.



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