Miles to Nowhere

How old you have become?

Santiago, what time has done;

Wrinkled and lost

Why stand here in the frost?

Old age has sunken thee

Yet, you long to be free.

Tell me your tale

Is it your whale song?

Tell me her name?

Or did he do you wrong?

The lines on your face

Reveal a thousand names

But the frown you wear

Singles out the shame,

That life has cast on you

And the pain I feel from you

Stand still old man,

There’s a million miles

Man must tread

In all this dread

still nowhere to be found.

Tell me your tale Santiago,

Was life that cruel?

Did the kiss in the rain

Now washes the tears in your face?

Did the hand that hold

Unlock its heart from yours?

Did the face you painted

now scribble like shades of grey?

Santiago, you stand so strong

Walking never stopping

The miles to go are long

Time won’t let you sing your song

Tell me who sways you along?

The seasons have passed

You seem to last

In a state of despondence

I see your hope

Old man where do you go?

For the heart and the soul

Seem to yearn another’s hello.

Hello, Santiago

Where forth you go?




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