We tossed and played

It went on for days

Childhood innocence in play

Before it loss the game.

Here we are now

Bound to a desk for fun

Numbered our days in toil

While life was chalked.

Now we toss around anticipating

For miracles and love

In our youth we tossed a stone

And at the end stood gold.

Mirth flew when the pellet flew

We hopped and hopped

Till it was found.

Now we hop life like reckless fools

Forgetting the stone we kick

Is flesh and blood.

How inanimate a thing !

The game was.

Yet animated we felt.

Now the game is frivolous and cruel

We live in suspended animation

Trying to be cool.

Lets chalk it out

Our numbered days

Hopscotch our way

To hopeful days

While the children play

For play sake.



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