Shapes. Thats what we are.

Days where you seem so round and whole

Days when you seem to unfold

Into tiny little pieces

And I glue you up.

What a task it is!

To fix this.

Making you see

Crushes the very sight of me

Little figurines we are

Never do we come to play

Just figures on a mantle

Barely see the light of day.

You are narrow now

Or wait wide?

I can’t tell?

Like a spell that makes me unclear

I stay in the fear of my haze

The one that you cast

Leaves me blinded;

There you pass

Crushing down my sights

What shape you take flight

In my reverie you live

Shaped as a king

Ruled in all grandeur

Now I stagger;

Crushed by this allure

Beckoned by your call

Speak, for I adore

The shape you take

As you walk pass my door.



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