Saturdays were luxuries

Curled up in jammies;

Turned on the telly

Before we had HD.

Cable and antennas

Black and white nostalgia

We huddled all together.

Felt like a “Full House”;

Those were the days

Where marbles and hopscotch

Swings and slides

Were fun to play.

Climbing trees and fences

Or just riding your bike

And time flew on by.

Cartoons and TNT

That was our reality.

Singing to New Kids

Or just rapping to Tupac;

What was it again?

Aqua and Barbie?

Wait or some girls talking of Girl Power

Bunch of guys from the backstreet

To when there was a Justin before Bieber knew to preach;

Flashback to the 90’s

Before life seemed bleak.

21st century had a different beat

When androids and smartphones

Had cords and dials

And it took awhile

For man to send a file.

Here we are now

Nostalgia at its peak

Dreaming of Thunder cats

Playing cops and robbers was a treat.

Ah! What feats!

To live now in memory

Is all but a dream.



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