Dreams of an Insomniac ~~~*

Closed my eyes and I found places

Closed my eyes and I flew away

Closed my eyes and people came

Closed my eyes and we drifted away.

Wasn’t a dream.

Wasn’t a nightmare.

What was this?

My eyes never seem to close

They never close;

I could hear it all.

Crickets in the night

Screeches outside

The doors that wobble

The rats and their squabbles

I hear the man snore

The neighbour’s door

I hear the ally cat meow

The dogs barking loud

Never to sleep

Never to know

Just glimpses laid forth

I sleep walk as dancing fairies lure me in

I scatter them away

I want to be awake.

Do I ?

Do I dare dream?

Do I dare drink from opium cups?

Do I dare snooze away to sleep?

Sleep walking on a tightrope

Hung on top by the noose of wake

Never will I find a dreamscape

Where could it be?

Taste sweet lulls, momentary.

Is this to dream?

Forever awake, never asleep.



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