I had a dream

You and I were free

It felt like reality

Even though I was asleep.

I slept through it all

I had hoped I did.

Slept through the pain

The anger, the wars,

Man killing man

Man killing nature

Nature killing man

It was all a dream.

I wanted to believe.

How easy it would be,

To never know,

To never see,

Just be;

Free birds in the sky of peace

Free birds in a land of green

Free birds where the air was clean

Free birds swimming in the sea.

Our wings clipped

Pinned to see

The shackles of truth

Where man isn’t free

Trapped himself you see,

Fettered himself in lies

All his body can do now

Is run with the fumes of lies.

War is his emotion

Anger is his pain

Blood for blood is the name

He now plays the game.

I dream of you and me

Free and forever free

In a time where we are free

I am trapped in its dream

Wake me up when there is peace

Wake me not from this dream

For out the window

Lies thousands asleep

Trying to wake

But never to dream.


Peace find me?




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