Beautiful creature,

Every line was perfect.

Like paper, folded and bend

Cut to form ;

Each corner well trimmed

Each angle adjusted;

Held you tight,

Forgot I owed you a flight

To let you flutter and fly

Find the winged-warriors in the sky.

But you fragile being,

My Everlasting!

How could I let thee go?

Tie you to a string and say go.

The core that binds you to my string

Will snip as you fling

Up into the sky

As the wind takes you high

My string won’t go so far

The storm may break its core.

Dearest one,

Loving one

Each part of you is me

I folded you in me

My very heart is strung to you

In to the storm

Will we make it through?

Franklin found his answers

As the kite flew in the storm

Will you and I discover

As we bear the thunder?

Let not the lightning snip thee

From my heart, Oh! Please.

I fear my string is strong

But your core is weak

In a flash the heart stops a beat.



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