Eden’s garden.

They clung, they hung,

spread like climbers,

stretched throughout the land

blue and black

their mangled corpses

where blood was blue

in a field of forget-me-not’s

they were forgotten.

Soldiers of war

children of peace

souls of a dying nation

pacify them please.

Mothers, daughters,


lovers… silence their cries

this garden is blue

while the forget-me-not’s

remember you.

In Eden that’s the dream

Hell on land

garden of war

man killing man.

Pluck each soul

a weed in a blooming nation

succumb to nothing

thorns of revenge

water me not

for they are bled

in a field of blue

uniforms of bloody hue.

Pluck pluck pluck,

what else is there?

But to lie

In a garden of forget-me-not’s.




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