Winter Sonata.


We carved hearts in the snow

As we go

Journeying into the unknown

Led by our hearts of snow.

The steps we take so close in shape

I see footprints leading to distant lands

We jumped fences hand in hand.

Winter isn’t cold

Your hand feels so

We build snowmen

While we were cold.

Long journey ahead

This hand shall leave

Like a sonata in the snow

What’s our crescendo?

The subjects of our hearts

Lead different parts

Now all we have are carved hearts.

I shall see you again

My reckless one

Our hearts may melt

But another winter shall come

And I in this form

Shall have changed

And you may stay the same

But in this snowy land

Where we held hands

We shall meet again;

While I carve hearts from snow

Watching it melt

As I make it grow…


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