Mister, mister,

I have a question,

If you are kind can you tell me the answer

I swear I won’t be a bother

But your face seems kind

And you look like you might know

The tales of woe

And the fate it leaves us so.

Mister, mister,

Is it alright?

That I may be so bold

And hope,

That you will be that soul

Kind and humble

To show me the way

That I might know the light of day;


I raised my hand to thee

For you seem kind to me

And I dare extend my hand

Hoping you will be that man

To take to me kindly and answer

The questions of a stranger.

Mister, mister,

I am lost you see

I came here with a dream

Well the generation before me, you see,

Had this plan of a better place

A kinder race,

To seek a place

Where all walks of life embrace.

And yet, I am lost;

I think I took a detour

And got lost

Seeking for such people

Has led me to you

Hoping that you might be

Part of this tribe of men

That will take me to this world

So, Mister, mister,

Be you that man?

That race?

Help me find this place,

I raise my hand for you to take

Mister, mister,

You seem to have a kind face…



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