Whispers of Winter~

Dearest one,

I write this to thee

To let you know

I found peace.

Among the woods

In the the shadow of the trees

In the chill of winter

She seems to whisper to me

Sweet tales of life

Where Mother Nature cloaks me in warmth

She nurtures me back to life.

It is silly to think

That I find solace so grim

In the happiness of friends

That are but forest nymphs;

They get me you see

Know my very existence

Banter with me resilience

They teach me comfort

When its stormy;

Unlike the pricks

Of mankind’s thorns.

The woods are deep

In the morning light

The pain is gone.

The leaves have turned color

But they shield me so

The light passes through them

Like someone passing through my soul

I cannot tell thee how much

How free I feel

In the morning light of winter

To be among the trees.



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