Odds & Evens

The mathematics of life

Is an endless sum you see.

Tried my best to fix the pieces

Make each x and each y

Find a value;

Silly me,

It isn’t easy

This bloody subject of math;

With math, we know the solution

A number is never just a number

One finds a value-

A subtraction, an addition

Even multiplication;


Life however, I dare say

Is a multiplication of problems

Of division of ties

Where odds are evens

And evens are odds.

That’s how you were to me

And I to you-

Two nothings

Making a something;

Infinity was a reason.

Reality was a task.

In the coming of odds

Even the evens felt at odds.

So what are we then?

Numbers ?

In my pursuit of finding a value

Yours was a number I couldn’t use.

I found it easy in knowing

Some hearts have other infinities

Just takes more time to see

Patience its own infinity.




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