Under the Mistletoe ~*

Dearest one,

I write this to you

Knowing my words are few

But there is more power in them

Then all the words combine;

In times as these

I have nothing but them-

My words, my heart,

All written out for you.

Darling one,

It is but truth

That time has flown

And the days seem lesser

As I can never measure

The person that is you.

My heart, my muse…

In the corniest of ways

I bleed red in lead

Pen and paper

That’s my armor

For you my love

Are far too greater.

I stand here

Under the mistletoe

Waiting as you go

I wait always

While you go

Standing ,


Tall and grand

You stretch out your hand

And hers fit yours

While I wait

And wait,

Under the mistletoe

Watching you go

Kiss her under the mistletoe.




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