You are never too old or too young. Maybe its a logic I decided to make for myself. A simple reminder that life in all its magnitude is a short-lived affair. Holding on to things such as age is a foolish task. As you start growing older everything seems so complex, complicated. From the things you do to the people you meet. The books you read become these new age ideas or just a different way of looking at life.

I remember how easy it was. To read. To just look at a storybook and fly in its stories. The numerable quests and creatures that envelope every aspect of what was a fairy tale. I want to drift away again. Rediscover that childhood wonder. To see not life just in black and white and all it shades of grey. I want to see colour. Shouting and screaming, a kaleidoscope. Come lets see it together. See the beauty in the uncomplicated. There will be time to go back to monotonous slumber. For now just revisit that book, that tale; Dive into it. See the colour. See the magic. Wander off to wonder.

Happy travels!



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