The air was light,

The room seemed so cold

There was a certain tension lingering

Like lavender from a perfume bottle

Spilled all over;

The room was cold in its aroma.

Like the night had settled

Small flicker of a light blinking away in the corner

Shining enough to glow behind her

How it curved round the edges of her neck

Forming a silhouette of black

The room was cold in shades of grey.

She stood there;

Never moving,

She tilted her neck

Moved her fingers through her hair

Like the feign that she was

She just lingered

Like the aroma that was there.

She did nothing.

The room was cold as she lingered.

Like a scene played out from nothing

There was everything;

This creature,

This woman,

Lady noir!

The room felt cold with passion

As she moved with nothing

As the light died out

Her soul cried out…





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