Mixed Tape

Saw you there standing

You did nothing;

Sea of people crowding

You floated alone;

There was a song playing

People danced and delighted

There you stood

Dancing on your own;

Looking at you I felt a pinch

Didn’t know what it was;

You looked unfamiliar

Like a familiar song.

There it was , the moment,

I saw you gaze outside

And I looked in-

For a moment the song was – silence

And I saw us dancing;

Playing a mixed tape of emotions

I played them all out

To the stranger at the window

Staring at me now.

You looked lost

While I felt found

The music played on

As they cheered all round.

Looking at you

The chaos got calm

And the mixed tape played

Emotions into a song.

I wonder would you ever know

The songs I made for you

As I watch you go

Turning round the gaze was gone

But here I stand making you-

“Your song”.



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