Letters to Santiago

Writing this came like a surprise,

Barely knew what I had in mind

When I walked pass your house

And stood awhile

Looking at a man

Who looked lost in life.

The words came easy

As hard as I wanted to believe

I took awhile to write

To form the man I had in my mind;

You looked so strong in frailty

Abandoned in family

Something wasn’t what was meant to be

Old man staring at the sea.

Drowned in the waves that carry you away

Longing for a face,

What was that face I wondered?

That has chained you down

And that face wears a frown.

Old man, I barely know

Why you amuse me so

The neighbours leave you be

While I fear its a companion you seek;

My head swims thinking of how sad it is

To be alone and gone;

How sweetness has turned bitter memory

To a fathomless pit of misery;

Here I stand wondering,

Can I put them down to words

I am a child and you have seen the world

Old man Santiago,

In the sea is where your heart seems to have drown

Lost and never found.






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