…”I’m passing over you like a
satellite… but at night we’re conspiring by
candlelight” (inspired by Rise Against)..

Spill, thrill,
Squeeze out my soul
Turning heads as I go
Pain, strain,
What now?
Sanity down the drain.
You flick your cigarette
I linger like smoke
Shiver, quiver,
Happiness you choke
Foolish child
Man living on high
“Doobie doobie”
That’s your song
Hum it fast
We’ll sing along
You cried, they fight
It all stops at night
Look at them watch you go
Passing over them like a satellite
Will they catch you if you fall?
Doobie this, doobie that
Wild child, scared cat
You are all this, and all that
Passing over them
Nothing more
You are a rebel
Cheers to that!



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