Ulay ,Oh!

“There she was like a picture.
There she was, she was just the same.
There she was; he just had to know that she had forgot his name.
Ulay, Ulay, Oh.”

Once in awhile we all come across a song, a story or just a picture and it hits you. Floods of emotions bursting out from the contained reservoirs of our hearts. The tight locks that we bar our hearts  just loosened and all comes rushing out. Heard a melody so sweet that it transported us, like a nightingale song leading us away to immortality. It was only a song – the story it told unhinges you.  Far be it for some of us to understand, maybe , we never will- this whole concept of love. The gory bits it lets out in us. The torment, the pain, the destructive chaos it creates. Then there’s the other part where gore turns to bliss, torment to serenity, the pain we felt makes us heal and there is calm in the chaos.

We build castles in the air, romanticizing the idea of everlasting love. Pure, untainted, passionate love- a myth . Now told as once upon a time fairy tales to eager hearts. But what if fairy tales are true. You do get from point “A” to point “B”. And the song doesn’t just stop or loop its way, there’s a crescendo leading to an epic fall.  Who be we the automatons of monotony?  Ensnared by our perversity. Forgotten the bliss of holding a hand or the eyes that stare you back…Where be the sanctity of pure love? We wonder off to lust when all we tried to wander to was love. The rushes! Instead we push…

Then comes stories like these of two people meeting after decades. She sits while he waits for her to remember his name. Their faces changed yet still the same. Through the years that passed- the bitterness that passed with it- in all of that in an art installation of Marina Abramovic meeting her former lover,Ulay, one sees just a static picture of just emotions bursting out…Irrespective of the things that have unfolded since that day- the still of Marina and Ulay captures one forever. When he stands up and leaves her…

“We never stop loving silently those we once loved out loud.”


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