Born to the Week family,

Who cherished their days

Was the first in their clan

Their not so wanted Monday;

Poor thing, what was she to do

Child of the firsts of firsts

She led the rest to the fold.

Tuesday and Wednesday

Equally despised

Non knew why;

It wasn’t in their nature to ask

They followed the “Week’s” rule

And stayed at par.

Friday and Saturday

Darlings of the Week

Sunday was the blessed Week.

A day well cherished and spent

But round goes the cycle

And its Monday’s bent.

So Monday, put on her hat

And got out the door

Grabbed a dandelion

And made a wish

That one day, some day,

She would fulfill

A well spent day

And the Week’s are filled.

Not her fault she comes first to Friday

Last to Sunday

Caught in a cycle of days

Monday grabs her wish

And flies away…

Dreaming how to motivate

The first dream one undertakes

Thought Monday,

“I’m the first to dream”

While the rest wait…


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