“I am very interested and fascinated how everyone
loves each other, but no one really likes each other”.~Stephen Chbosky

She asked, “What was it to be happy? “
He answered, “it’s as if one was intoxicated in sadness”
Like one was drowning in it
He is surrounded in happiness but fails to see it
Sadness is like a glass of wine
Red and bloody
You let it breathe and build
As you stir it slowly
Each move mixes in all the emotions
Drowned in its intoxication
You take a sip of it
It lingers on your tongue
Tingles of sour grapes
Like a kiss you once felt
A second passes never goes away
It brews.
Like wine happiness brews
While sadness breathes
Invigoratingly calm
She looks at him and says
“Is that happiness? ”
He smiles and whispers
“How is it not? “



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